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Study For success

I am dyslexic and struggled through school but eventually earned my PhD in chemistry through developing study habits and strategies that allowed me to be highly successful. I went into education to help others achieve their goals by teaching the tools I have developed. 


I have 15 years of experience guiding tens of thousands of students of all ages through the finer points of chemistry and the needed tools in learning to facilitate success in all of their classes. 

College is a different "game" than high school...the expectations are significantly higher.  This makes the transition into college overwhelming and feel unmanageable.   Furthermore, COVID did NOT help anyone with this leap.


Learning is a skill that is not formally taught.  We are told WHAT to learn but not HOW to learn it.  I would love the opportunity to teach you how to study with purpose so you can earn the GPA needed to advance into your dream career.


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